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Clergy & Seminary Deliverance Training


Many times in a priest’s ministry, a person will come to him seeking freedom from some form of demonic oppression. Often the priest feels inadequate in what he can offer as a solution. Seminary training usually does not cover this topic. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the priest to supplement his pastoral care with specialized training in the Deliverance Ministry. For this reason, Fr. Bramlage provides to priests and seminarians the needed training for this important work. Fr. Bramlage has taught Deliverance Ministry at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, Mundelein Seminary in Chicago and currently to the clergy of Colorado Springs, CO.
Please contact Fr. Bramlage at 513/374-6481 to set up a Deliverance Seminar.

The Topics for this training include:

  1. Scriptural Overview of Deliverance Ministry
  2. Identifying Occult/New Age Practices
  3. How to Use the Deliverance Intake Form
  4. Preparing Your Team for This Ministry
  5. How to Reclaim a Haunted Building
  6. Binding the Strongman
  7. Breaking Inner Vows/False Judgments
  8. Cutting Off Destructive Soul Ties
  9. Renouncing & Breaking Satan’s Power
  10. Staying Free by A New Walk of Life


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